Nursing theories are tested and systematic ways to implement nursing practice. Select a nursing theory and its conceptual model.

Slide 1: Overview of Lydia E. Hall’s Three C’s Theory

  • In the 1950s, Lydia E. Hall developed this method.
  • It focuses on patient-centered care
  • It consists of three circles interlinked: Core, Cure, Care.
  • Core represents the patient and the patient’s values and needs
  • The medical and nursing treatments that are called cures
  • Care represents the environment and the nurse’s attitude towards the patient

Slide 2: Evidence that the Model is Effective in Nursing Practice

  • Hall’s theory emphasizes the importance of the patient’s role in the healthcare process, which has been found to improve patient outcomes (Fry, 2015)
  • Modern nursing practice can apply the theory to patient-centered care models (Fry (2015)).
  • The three C’s can be used to guide nursing practice in a wide range of settings and situations (Nursing Theory, n.d.)

Slide 3: Nursing Practice Theory Application

  • Core: Nurses should take time to understand the patient’s values, culture, and beliefs to provide patient-centered care
  • Effective nursing or medical care: Nurses need to use evidence-based treatments for cure
  • Patient Care: Nursing should offer safe and supportive care.

References: Fry, M. (2015). Lydia Hall and Care, Cure Core Theory: Background and Influences. Nursing Science Quarterly, 28, 1, 60-63. Nursing Theory. (n.d.). Lydia Hall’s Core, Cure, Care Theory. Nursing Theory.

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