Nursing homework help Review “Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics: Clinical Importance Versus Statistical Significance in Research,” located in topic materials.

When designing research projects, feasibility is an essential consideration. To determine feasibility, I will consider all available resources, including budget and time. If the sample is large, for example, it might not be possible to gather data in a timeframe of four weeks. To determine the required sample size to detect statistically significant results with acceptable certainty, it would be necessary for a power analysis.

A statistical significance is the likelihood that the observed results were not caused by chance. This is done by computing the p value of a statistical test. On the other side, clinical significance is the importance of observed results within the context of the research question. To ensure the practical impact of research results on patient outcomes, it is crucial to take into account both clinical and statistical significance. If the impact size of a statistically significant outcome is not large enough to have measurable clinical effects on patient care, it may not be clinically relevant. If the effect size of the study is not large enough to show statistical significance, clinically significant results may not be statistically important.

It is important to balance feasibility with clinical significance in the design of research projects. These factors must be balanced to ensure the practical application of research results for patient care.

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