Mention and discuss the differentiation between the medical model and social construct definitions of disability.

Disability/Rural and Migrant Health in the Population

The medical model of disability defines it as an impairment or limitation of a person’s physical or mental functioning which is caused by an underlying pathology. This view focuses more on the person than the condition, which can lead to a reducedist approach that sees disability as a combination of disease and deficiencies.

Social constructs, on the other hand, see disability as something that is socially constructed. This includes environmental influences such as education and access to suitable healthcare. The social construct definition views disabilities as something you can overcome by proper support and other accommodations, not as something inherent.

Moreover, this perspective is centered around empowering individuals with disabilities in order to allow them equal access to all areas of life instead of treating them solely as patients who need to be “fixed”. Recognizing their strengths and potential, while giving them the tools necessary to succeed can help overcome any social barriers. This will create an inclusive society for all people regardless of race or ability.

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