•List the type of organization. •List the type of and how many clients it serves. •Identify the professional fit for advanced nursing role. •Implement your new nursing role in the organization.


My role as a family nurse practitioner (FNP) is in rural areas. This non-profit health center serves all age groups, even those who are not insured. Multiple healthcare professionals are employed at the center, including doctors, nurse practitioners and physician assistants as well as nurses, social workers, psychologists, and others. This center is available for primary and preventive healthcare, as well as other services.

Around 10,000 people use the health center each year. The majority of them are from low-income families. The majority of patients speak Spanish, but there is also a significant population of Native Americans, Asians and African Americans. This organization offers culturally sensitive healthcare and provides an interpreter for those who don’t speak English.

FNP is a position that suits me well as I am able to offer primary care services for all age groups. My responsibilities include diagnosing, treating, and managing chronic illnesses. I also order and interpret diagnostic tests and prescribe medications. To ensure patients get comprehensive healthcare, I collaborate with the other healthcare professionals within the company.

In order to implement my nursing position in the company, I collaborate with the medical director as well as other stakeholders. We establish guidelines and protocols for my practice. My practice must be evidence-based, and I will provide excellent care for patients. I also participate in the organization’s quality improvement initiatives and work with other healthcare professionals to improve patient outcomes. In addition, I work with local partners in order to offer preventive and educational care to patients and their families.

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