List strategies and practices a company could implement to build and maintain individual and team performance.

Wk 3 – summative assessment: use of groups and teams in an

1. Establish a system for performance evaluation: A performance evaluation system can be used to track and measure individual and team performance. These systems can be used for identifying strengths and weak points, setting goals for improvement and providing feedback about progress. They also reward high-performing employees.

2. Encourage collaboration among team members: This fosters team spirit and strengthens team ties. Employees are encouraged to exchange ideas, which leads to greater innovation and efficiency.

3. Incentives: Employees can be motivated by offering incentives like bonuses and promotions. This will give them additional motivation to reach their goals, or recognize when they surpass expectations.

4. Training opportunities are available: Employees will benefit from regular training that enhances their job performance, as well as keeps them current on the latest industry trends.

5. Promoting work/life balance is key: Allowing employees to take time off from work can help maintain mental health and increase productivity.

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