List and describe the three types of welfare states and where they can be found.  Which country has the largest percentage of social spending.

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Three types of welfare systems are available: Social Democratic, Conservative, and Liberal. It is most common in the United States, Canada and other countries where they are more focused on providing welfare benefits for individuals who need them than trying to decrease inequality. France, Japan, Germany and France are examples of countries that place greater emphasis on providing support for certain groups or sections of the population. However they do not aim to eradicate poverty. Lastly, the social democratic model is usually applied by Scandinavian countries like Sweden who believe that access to health care, education and other services should be universal regardless of one’s income level.

Denmark boasts the impressive 39% highest level of social spending compared to other countries. This figure reflects Denmark’s commitment to their citizens’ wellbeing by ensuring that they have access to necessary services without having to worry about any associated costs.

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