List 15 different common patient or cultural beliefs and behaviors associated with health care treatment.

Health administrative office procedures module 3 project

1. The belief that natural remedies can be more efficient than modern medicine
2. Believe in supernatural powers that can impact your health
3. Restrictions on certain food and beverages that are not religiously approved
4. Multiple family members are preferred during visits to the doctor
5. Resistance to discuss mental illness and other sensitive subjects
6. Believe in the power and effectiveness of prayer, as well as divine intervention
7. Priority to talk about healthcare with a spiritual counselor first
8. Cultural taboos may prevent certain treatment options from being used
9 Refusal of treatments that go against one’s personal beliefs
10 Resistance to taking medications or participating in therapies that are not considered “natural”
11 The perception of healthcare providers as authoritative authority figures
12 Strong belief and emphasis on traditional healing techniques such as herbs, massage, and acupuncture

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