It’s important to cover the GCU Domains and Competencies that were met. How will attending/participating in this scholarly activity help you grow as a DNP prepared nurse? 

Dnp- evidence-based and translational research

Attending/participating in this scholarly activity will help me to grow as a DNP prepared nurse by providing additional understanding of the key differences between case management and care management. As a DNP prepared nurse, I must be able to effectively coordinate care for patients with chronic or complex conditions, and being aware of the differences between case and care management will allow me to select the best model for each patient’s unique situation. This will allow me to gain a better understanding of the role that various professionals have in coordination patient care. It is particularly important because I might have to work with several providers that use different care management models or case types. Understanding their methods will allow me to work more efficiently with them towards the best possible outcomes for my mutual patients. The knowledge gained from this scholarly activity also aligns with several of GCU’s domains including Professionalism & Accountability (Seven Core Values), Leadership & Systems Thinking (Healthcare Policy & Advocacy) as well as Evidence-Based Practice & Applied Research (Evidence Informed Decision Making).

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