Investigate the FL state policies on access to contraception and abortion for women with insurance and those without. What are the state’s infant and maternal mortality rates? Discuss the possible relationship between these factors.

Policies of the Florida state regarding access to abortion and contraception

Although access to contraception in Florida is generally covered under private medical insurance, there may be restrictions due to laws and regulations of the state. Medicaid funding is available for those who don’t have insurance, but they must fulfill certain criteria to be approved.

The latest data on infant and maternal deaths shows that they have decreased in recent years, despite remaining somewhat higher than the US. It appears that poverty levels are associated with poor outcomes. This could be why some regions have more fatalities in children and pregnant women.

The goal of understanding the current policies regarding abortion and access contraception is to help everyone involved in making informed decisions. This will also allow them to take better long-term decisions. This not only benefits individuals, but also creates safer communities and leads to better outcomes.

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