In your own words and using the proper evidence-based references define transcultural diversity and Health care and discuss how both term interact and how they help in the delivery of health care to different heritages.

The recognition of and appreciation for cultural differences between people and groups that receive healthcare services and the ability of healthcare professionals to meet the diverse needs of these patients is transcultural diversity. Transcultural diversity encompasses many factors including language, beliefs and values as well as customs, tradition, culture, socio-economic status and social status. These influences influence individuals’ perceptions of health and disease, their ability to seek out and receive healthcare, and the interaction they have with medical professionals.

Culturally-aware healthcare providers are more able to respond to and understand the needs of patients from diverse backgrounds. They have skills and knowledge that allow them to interact with patients and families. Increased satisfaction and lower healthcare disparities have all been associated with cultural competence in healthcare.

Transcultural care requires a multidimensional approach. It must consider the cultural backgrounds of the patients and their beliefs as well as those of the healthcare professionals. Translation and interpretation are provided for patients with limited English proficiency. Healthcare facilities can be made accessible to people with disabilities and services tailored for different cultures.

Transcultural diversity and health are two interrelated concepts which play an important role in providing healthcare to people of different cultures. The integration of cultural competence into healthcare is a key component in ensuring patient-centered, quality healthcare and reducing healthcare disparities. To provide fair and respectful healthcare, it is crucial for healthcare professionals to be sensitive to the differences of each patient.

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