In this experiential learning experience, you will evaluate a healthcare plan using the attached worksheet. The selected plan can be your own health insurance or another plan.

Assessment of health insurance policies | Nursing homework help.

Select a plan that you are interested in evaluating for healthcare. You could choose your health insurance or another plan you know. To complete assignment 5.1, you will need to use published information about the chosen plan. The worksheet will help you gather information about the plan’s coverage, costs, and ratings.

Create a PowerPoint presentation with 7-10 slides. It should include an introduction, major exclusions, and coverage details (medical, vision, dental).You will also need to include costs for the consumer such as premiums, copays, prescriptions costs, deductibles, copays and copays.

Include ratings for health insurance plans if they are available in your presentation. You may also want to explain why there is no rating available for the plan.

Next, consider two different perspectives when evaluating the health insurance policy.

  1. Consumer-focused: Analyze the plan’s costs, coverage, and ease of use from the consumer’s perspective.
  2. Public health nurse-focused: Evaluate the plan’s access to care for populations and its potential for improving health outcomes.

All sources should be cited in APA format. Your PowerPoint presentation should be clear, concise, and well-organized, with appropriate use of headings, bullet points, and graphics to enhance the presentation’s overall readability and visual appeal.

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