In this Discussion, you review and critique the techniques and methods of a mental health professional as he or she completes a comprehensive integrated psychiatric assessment of an adolescent.

Walden University| NURS 6660 – Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner Role I: Child and Adolescent | Walden University


Answering the questions regarding the YMH Boston Vignette 4 videos, it is important to focus on the methods and techniques used by the practitioner when conducting a complete integrated psychiatric assessment. You should be specific about what you thought was a good practice and areas for improvement.

Based on your analysis of the video, you should also provide recommendations for additional assessment questions that the practitioner may ask to gain a more comprehensive understanding of the adolescent’s mental health status. Finally, you should identify any compelling concerns that arise during the clinical interview and suggest what the practitioner’s next question should be, and why.

To support your comments and analysis, make sure you cite examples of the video in your discussion posts. Additionally, you may want to consider the impact of culture on the assessment process, as this can significantly influence the practitioner’s approach to the interview and the questions asked.

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