In this Assignment, you will consider the evolving role of the nurse leader and how this evolution has led nurse leaders to assume the role of knowledge worker.


The concept of a knowledge worker was first introduced by Peter Drucker in his book, “The Landmarks of Tomorrow.” A knowledge worker is someone who applies theoretical and analytical knowledge acquired through formal training to develop products and services. The role of nurse leader in nursing has been replaced by that of knowledge worker. They use nursing informatics for informed decision making.

Information for Nursing:

The integration of nursing science and information science in the management and communication of data, information, knowledge and practice is called nursing informatics. The technology is used to gather and analyze patient information and generate useful information for improving patient care.

The role of the nurse leader as a knowledge worker:

The nurse leaders have the responsibility of using data in order to make better decisions for patients. Data collection and analysis are essential. They also need to understand technology’s potential use in accessing and managing this data. A nurse leader, as a knowledge worker must make use of this information in order to positively affect patient care.


See the attached infographic to see how a nurse leader can be viewed as a knowledge worker.


A nurse leader’s role as knowledge worker in patient care is crucial. Nurse leaders are able to collect data and make informed decisions about patient care by using nursing informatics.

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