In a 1-2 page paper, APA. Please discuss your greatest learning this term.  Include if you met your objective goals for the term. (2.5 points).

Participation 2 | Nursing homework help

This term I gained significant knowledge about various aspects of nursing management and care. But, my greatest learning was in how to implement evidence-based practice in nursing management and care.

EBP refers to a healthcare approach that relies on clinical expertise and best evidence. In this term I was able to critically assess research and find the most relevant evidence for clinical decision-making. By incorporating new research findings into care plans, I was able to apply EBP daily in nursing.

In addition, I learned valuable leadership skills and the best ways to use community resources to help improve patient outcomes. It was a learning experience that allowed me to work with healthcare professionals and communicate with families and patients effectively, as well as advocate for their needs.

Concerning the objectives for this term, I’m happy to report that most of my goals were met. It was possible to develop leadership and critical thinking skills as well as my knowledge about the community. There were areas that I did not do as well, like time management and prioritization. I am confident that I will be able to use the skills and knowledge I acquired during this term in nursing.

My greatest learnings this term were the skills and knowledge that I have gained through EBP application in nursing leadership, daily care and in community resource management. It was a privilege to learn from skilled educators and professionals who supported me throughout my term.

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