In 200-250 words,  Discuss what resources are often necessary for nonacute care for cardiorespiratory issues. Explain how they support patient independence and decrease readmission. 

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A nonacute approach to cardiorespiratory conditions usually involves management of chronic conditions, such as asthma and chronic obstructive/perforate pulmonary disease (COPD). Patients with these conditions need ongoing support and management to manage symptoms and avoid exacerbations. For non-acute cardiorespiratory problems, there are many resources available.

  1. Home healthcare services: Home healthcare services provide nursing care, physical therapy, and other support services in the patient’s home. This service can be used to help patients with their ailments, teach self-care methods, or monitor them. These services are also available at home to help patients manage their medication, care for wounds, and many other treatment options.
  2. Telehealth: Patients can communicate remotely with their healthcare provider via videoconferencing, text message, or any other technology. Telehealth is especially useful for those with limited mobility. They can also access healthcare from their home. Telehealth services can also help healthcare providers monitor patients’ condition and provide support and education.
  3. Self-management and patient education: These programs are designed to help patients understand their conditions, manage symptoms and prevent future complications. This can be education about medication management, lifestyle modifications, or self-care. These programs empower patients to manage their own condition and can reduce readmissions by empowering them.
  4. Discharge planning and care coordination: These are vital for patients to receive the appropriate support and care after leaving hospital. Care coordination involves coordinating care between healthcare providers, while discharge planning involves planning for patients’ ongoing care needs after they leave the hospital. In order to avoid readmissions, discharge planning and care coordination can ensure that patients get the right follow-up and support.

Nonacute cardiorespiratory care requires multiple resources in order to provide support for patients and avoid readmission. Patients can receive the best care possible by utilizing telehealth, home healthcare, self-management and education programs as well as care coordination and discharge planning. Patients can be provided with non-acute care to help manage symptoms and avoid exacerbations. This will improve their outcomes and lower healthcare costs.

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