If you were developing an ethics program for your workplace, would you choose a values-based program or a compliance-based program?

Wk5 – q2 – ethics program (1-2 pages, apa format)

A values-based approach to workplace ethics would be my choice. This approach is based on the instillation of shared beliefs within an organization that can be used to guide decisions moving forward. This approach is more successful in cultivating positive cultures because it encourages employees to adopt certain standards, thereby fostering better understanding.

In comparison, compliance-based programs are more focused on ensuring laws/regulations being followed rather than any deeper level moral principles that guide company’s operations. This may prevent companies running into legal problems, but it can also make sustainability more difficult.

These programs, which are values-based, have been more effective in creating ethical corporate climates. They also provide stronger bases to establish organizational policies that will ensure future success.

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