If you were Betty, what would you do? Give your rationale. Justify your answer with an ethical framework—a theory, approach, or principle.

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Betty is my choice. I’d decline an invitation to the extravagant, all-expenses-paid retreat in Hawaii. I believe in avoiding conflict of interest and upholding ethical integrity when making decisions. Accepting such an invitation could create a conflict of interest because the lavish retreat may influence Betty’s decision-making process, causing her to prioritize the company’s interests over those of the hospital and its patients.

Accepting such an invitation from a moral standpoint could lead to a breach of non-maleficence and beneficence. Betty may have a duty of care to the hospital’s best interests and that accepting the invitation would be detrimental. Additionally, accepting the invitation could create a perception of impropriety and erode trust in the hospital’s decision-making process.

There should be clear policies regarding the use of gifts and favors to induce healthcare professionals. Policies should clearly define what kind of favors and gifts are permissible, as well as the conditions under which they can be accepted. Many healthcare institutions have policies that prohibit gifts from being accepted, even if they appear to be conflicting.

My workplace has a very strict policy about vendors giving gifts or favors. Any vendor offers must be reported to my supervisor who will then decide whether or not the offer should be accepted. It has a significant impact on our daily activities as it forces us to be alert and aware of potential conflicts of interests. It also serves to protect our ethical integrity, act in the best interest of our patients, and ensure we do not violate any laws.

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