If you do not see evidence of a component, consider how you believe the company might include the component.

Module 05 written assignment – plan comparison

A company may not be able to provide evidence of the practice or component they include. An alternative is to analyze their operations. You can do this by collecting data from different sources, such as employee feedback and customer surveys. This will help you identify areas that need improvement. After identifying these issues, companies can set goals and create strategies to improve them.

For example, if a company wants to become more environmentally friendly but hasn’t implemented any sustainability initiatives yet, they could start by collecting data on things like energy usage or waste levels across all their locations. The company can now set objectives to decrease their carbon emissions in the future and consider investing in green energy sources.

Companies should consider reaching out both within and outside their organization to gain additional insight into the best ways to implement certain practices. Local environmental groups could provide them with resources that can help accelerate their efforts to improve sustainability. Ultimately it’s important for companies looking to make changes find ways that make sense from both a financial and ethical perspective so those changes are sustainable over time.

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