If the school you attended, scheduled counseling sessions with you to help you get adjusted, what cultural competency skills would you want the counselor to be familiar with and what would you want them to know about you?

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It is important for the counselor to have cultural competence skills. These include being open-minded, respectful of other cultures and religions, not being judgmental, understanding diversity and how it can impact personal identity. Counselors must understand my past and be open to offering counseling or advice. A counselor should be aware of intersectionality to help me understand my various identities in counseling sessions.

What I want to them know about me is that they are aware of my mental and emotional history. Additionally, it’s important for the counselor to be familiar with any particular physical or psychological needs that help me feel comfortable in a counseling session. Lastly, it’s necessary for them to have an understanding of my parents’ cultural backgrounds in order to best support me during difficult times which might require extra empathy due to traditional expectations among different generations within my family.

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