Identify your given “power” at your workplace or in your professional life.

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Leadership Journal Template
Reflection on Practicum Activities: I was able to observe many nurse leaders within my company during the practicum. The topic of power and authority in leadership roles to accomplish goals was one of the subjects that we discussed. Communication strategies were another topic we covered. They are essential for effective leadership. Finally, we discussed the importance of cultural competence in today’s organizations. Through these discussions, I realized how important it is to have strong interpersonal skills for leading and working with diverse individuals.

Application of leadership: My greatest contribution in my professional life is to empower others and provide them the knowledge and resources that they require to be successful in their jobs. It has been rewarding to watch staff take control of their own professional growth through continuing education and the use of evidence-based practices guidelines in our patient care programs. I am able to mentor and guide others through clear teaching methods. This helps everyone understand what they can expect at work and what will be acceptable.
Preparation for my practicum: I will be creating a program that uses evidence-based practices protocols to improve patient outcomes in relation to asthma and chronic obstructive lung disease (COPD) conditions. I will be able to improve my leadership skills through the development of policy implementation plans, research into relevant literature sources and making sure that all parties involved are aware of how important it is to incorporate evidence-based practices into our daily workflow.

Leadership Video Reflection: From watching the “Servant Leadership – Issue Of Power” video there were two major things that resonated with me most—the concept servant leadership & power hierarchy structures . The idea behind servant leadership emphasizes helping people realize their potential while also recognizing that each individual’s growth should be fostered instead being forced out responsibility . On other hand , understanding power hierarchies allows us better identify tools necessary give efficacy those above below positions often placed ourselves thus further enabling progress another goal servitude afterall placing wishes needs others front line focus own success remaining inherently respectful ways not only words action itself resulted guaranteed attainment satisfaction both sides finding common ground prove beneficial way shape long‐term relationships preserves ingrained subjugation replaced camaraderie commonality accomplishment

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