Identify what type of critical infrastructure data collection

Recognize the type of critical infrastructure data that you are collecting

It is crucial to understand the objectives and needs of each data collection project in order to identify which type of critical infrastructure data will be needed for stormwater management and pavement. There are several types of critical infrastructure information that could be useful for stormwater management and pavement.

  1. Assessing the physical condition of roads and stormwater management systems: Collecting information about pavement cracking and drainage capacities, erosion, and other factors.
  2. Performance metrics: Data collection about the pavement and stormwater management systems, including traffic flow, roughness and pavement life.
  3. Maintaining and repairing the pavement. This includes collecting data about the history and cost of repair and maintenance.
  4. Climate factors: Capturing data regarding environmental factors which may impact pavement or stormwater management facilities such as weather patterns, precipitation levels and temperature fluctuations.
  5. Geographic information: This is the collection of geospatial data regarding the locations and configurations of stormwater management equipment and pavements, as well other pertinent features, such as roads networks and land use patterns.
  6. Financial data: Obtaining financial data regarding the cost of stormwater management and pavement constructions. This data includes capital and operating expenditures as well as funding sources.

In general, an integrated and comprehensive approach to collecting data for pavements and stormwater management facilities needs to include both qualitative and quantitative data. This should support performance monitoring, maintenance planning, decision-making, and ongoing performance monitoring.

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