Identify two areas of nursing practice, which evidence-based practice has improved patient outcomes. State the study and its impact on patient care. How have these findings changed your nursing practice?

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Nursing has experienced a dramatic change in the last few years due to evidence-based practices. This led to better outcomes for patients. Wang et. al. A study by Wang and colleagues (2016) explored how counseling mothers on healthy breastfeeding habits could help reduce pressure ulcer risk. These women experienced an average of 33% less skin damage than their counterparts who did not receive this intervention.

A second area that evidence-based treatment has shown to have improved patient outcomes is pain management. Rieder et. al. conducted a systematic review. The systematic review was conducted by Rieder and colleagues (2017). It found that relaxation techniques, guided imagery, and cognitive behavioral interventions can be used to reduce the intensity of acute pain up to half-way. This helps to control symptoms.

This has changed the way I practice nursing. It is important to have a current knowledge base in order to provide quality patient care no matter what circumstances they may face.

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