Identify three “implications for theory” that apply to the documentary and explain each of them with a minimum of one paragraph.

2 Assignments 2 paragraphs each

First, the document reveals the possible impact technology could have on job opportunities. Particularly, it is becoming increasingly clear that automation and artificial intelligence are threatening many jobs. It could result in a decline of job opportunities for certain groups, like blue-collar workers and those with less education. This can lead to an increase in economic inequality.

This second idea is connected to the notion of a digital divide, where those with access to new technologies have a greater advantage than those without. It was shown how rural people are often less able to use new digital platforms than those in urban areas. This could lead to disparities in the quality of life as well as economic opportunities, which can further increase income and wealth gaps between various segments.

The documentary also highlighted trust and privacy concerns surrounding tech company data collection. With more and more data being collected without proper regulation or oversight there is an increased risk that people’s personal information could be used in ways they had not intended or expected, resulting in a lack of trust among consumers towards these companies which could be detrimental for their long term success.

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