Identify the various diagnostic instruments you would need to use to examine this patient.

Week 8 discussion ha | Nursing homework help

There are many diagnostic tools that can be used to examine this patient depending on their symptoms. For instance, if there is suspicion of structural abnormalities then imaging studies such as MRI or CT scans can provide more detail regarding any changes present in the body’s internal structure. A blood test can be useful as well, since it will help to determine if biomarkers exist and if they are within normal limits.

Additionally, electrocardiography provides information about heart beat and rhythm that may prove useful in the case of chest pain. Reflexes can be examined using pin prick tests or a reflexhammer to determine if there is any nerve damage. Ultimately, these tools combined with other forms of examination such as physical observation or listening to a person’s breathing can help healthcare providers accurately diagnose and treat patients accordingly over time.

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