Identify the two databases you selected as “gold standards” for EBP within your specialization area ( My specialization is Cardiac nursing ). Justify your selections.

Evidence-based and clinical decision support

These are the two most common databases used in this area:

  1. PubMed: PubMed provides free access to an extensive database of medical literature. This includes reviews and research articles as well as case studies. This database is widely used in Cardiac Nursing as well as other medical fields. PubMed, which includes over 5,000 articles from biomedical journals, is managed by the National Library of Medicine.
  2. Cochrane Library – The Cochrane Library consists of a number of databases which provide reliable, high-quality evidence that can be used to support healthcare decisions. This includes systematic reviews and clinical trials. All types of research are assessed for quality and relevancy. Cochrane Library, which is based on scientific method and up-to date information, is considered a gold-standard for EBP.

PubMed, Cochrane Library and other resources are used widely in Cardiac Nursing to conduct research and obtain evidence-based practice guidance. PubMed provides a great resource to find articles related to cardiac nursing and the Cochrane Library contains systematic reviews as well other evidence that could be useful in clinical practice.

They are gold standards as they undergo a thorough review for articles and have extensive coverage of the literature in Cardiac Nursing. These databases are accessible freely to all, making them an essential resource for evidence-based Cardiac Nursing practice.

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