Identify the research methods, sources and application in nursing practice.

Course Reflection Research | Nursing research | Florida National University

Student will have the ability to appropriately cite, reference, and arrange information in an organized manner.

Students will be able demonstrate an ability to understand literature related to the selected nursing practice area.
The student will be able to analyze a nursing phenomenon or problem by demonstrating competency in both qualitative and quantitative analysis methodologies

This assignment requires me to create a research paper. It must meet all the requirements of my instructor. This includes proper citation and referencing of sources used throughout the paper as well as arranging the information in an effective manner for maximum impact on understanding my points being made regarding globalization’s pros and cons. My research has led me to a greater understanding of globalization, including economic inequalities due to lower labor costs/benefits to large corporations than local businesses and lack of regulation leading to environmental degradation that degrades quality of life for its inhabitants.Your explanation of how you have used your assignment to show that it has met each course outcome was a wonderful job!

Additionally, you discussed how researching topics such as economic inequality caused by cheaper labor costs & profiting large corporations instead smaller businesses along with regulatory issues resulting in environmental damage decreasing overall quality life experienced residents residing these areas has given you greater insight into pros cons supporting globalization debate thereby helping formulate educated opinions while providing relevant justifications support own conclusions reached what other considerations should someone think about when assessing potential advantages disadvantages associated potential outcomes related globalization?



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