Identify the quality or safety concern within the clinical practice and implication of the concern.

Safety initiative or quality that addresses an area of low quality

A potential for medication mistakes to happen in a clinic is a concern about safety or quality. If prescribed medication aren’t closely monitored, these errors can cause serious injury to patients. These errors may also result in significant financial consequences, as these can lead to higher medical bills due to the additional testing and treatment that are required to fix any missteps.

These errors, if they are not corrected properly can lead to anxiety and stress for patients as well as their families. Also, this is especially important when it comes to elderly people who could be vulnerable because they are not familiar or negligent with their medication.

Medication errors are a serious quality and safety issue in clinical settings. This has severe implications for patient safety, well-being, and financial stability. Healthcare organizations must take corrective measures, including implementing automated systems and conducting periodic audits to decrease the chance of these kinds of incidents.

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