Identify the key facts in the case study. As the administrator managing Dr. O’Connor’s department, how would you go about handling the situation?

Managing healthcare professionals case study

The key facts in the case study are that Dr. O’Connor is refusing to comply with a new policy requiring all doctors to use electronic health records (EHRs). His opposition has been loud and clear. He claims that EHRs are cumbersome, inefficient, and time-consuming. As the administrator managing Dr. O’Connor’s department, I would approach this situation by first attempting to understand why he is so resistant. I may have to look at the reasons he hesitates. This will allow me to make informed decisions.

Once I have identified any underlying issues it will then be important to have open communication between myself and Dr. O’Connor in order to come up with an agreeable solution together. You might also consider involving other parties, like IT professionals or EHR vendor representatives. This will allow you to gain additional insights into the best way to handle this issue from both an operational as well as technical perspective.

While it’s important to adhere to policies to ensure smooth operations, it’s also vital that all parties feel heard and respected when they voice their opinions. This will help to avoid any feeling of being ignored or disregarded when there are disagreements. After careful analysis of all the factors, we will hopefully be able to reach a solution that suits all. This would also ensure compliance with all organizational guidelines.

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