Identify the fallacy and why you think that this particular type of advertisement represents the fallacy that you have chosen.

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The advertisement I have chosen is an example of the fallacy of appeal to emotion which occurs when an individual attempts to manipulate their audience’s emotions in order to persuade them. In this case, the advertisement employs emotional language such as “be confident” and “be daring” in order to create a sense of urgency for viewers that they should buy their product; however, these empty words do not actually provide any evidence as to why it would be beneficial for consumers. Additionally, people can be led to make rash decisions by this advertising. Additionally, by playing on people’s emotions it reduces the likelihood they will take time to properly research whether or not a product is actually suitable for their needs or within their budget. Businesses should not use manipulative techniques like these as they can cause damage to the brand and the reputation of their company.

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