Identify primary problems that led to the malpractice suits (Croke, 2006), and identify the role the nurse played and what the nurse did wrong.

Review essay and summary of Week 4’s article

Croke (2006) identifies the main problems that lead to malpractice lawsuits as poor communication between patients and providers, insufficient patient education and assessment and negligence in care delivery. Neglect of duty to monitor the condition of patients and failure to get informed consent before treatment.

A nurse can be held responsible for errors they make while caring. Nurses are expected to adhere to a standard of care which includes providing competent nursing care based on accepted professional standards; informing patients about their condition; obtaining informed consent when required; accurately recording all data related to a patient’s health status; assessing changes in a patient’s condition; following instructions from physicians; monitoring for adverse reactions or complications associated with medication usage and treatments prescribed by physicians; performing appropriate physical examinations on patients as needed or directed by physicians or other healthcare professionals. If these duties aren’t followed, it could lead to patient safety and life-threatening mistakes. In cases where negligence is demonstrated in court proceedings resulting from malpractice claims against nurses, damages may be awarded due to harm caused by the nurse’s error.

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