Identify political issues in the scenario and discuss how you would effectively and ethically handle the situation.

The above scenario presents many political issues which the nursing home administrator must address. There is conflict between family members over the DNR orders given to the memory impaired resident. The potential for the Department of Health and Human Services to conduct a survey for residents who are not in compliance, which is being threatened by the supervisor of HHS.

The healthcare administrator must first evaluate the situation and collect all pertinent information to be able to ethically and effectively manage the situation. They should consult with the resident’s legal representative, including the Power of Attorney and legal guardian, to determine the validity of the DNR orders. They should also consult with the nursing home’s legal team to ensure that the facility is following all state and federal laws regarding DNR orders.

Clear lines of communication should be established between the healthcare administrator and visiting relatives. They should listen to their concerns and provide clear explanations of the resident’s DNR orders. They should also provide information on the facility’s policies and procedures for handling DNR orders, as well as the legal framework that governs them.

The healthcare administrator must always consider the best interests of residents when deciding how to handle this situation. The facility should strive to respect the autonomy of the resident, while also ensuring that the resident’s safety and comfort are always maintained.

Concerning the possible survey by the Department of Health and Human Services the healthcare administrator must take these threats very seriously, but also make sure that all regulations are adhered to in order minimize potential negative impacts.


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