Identify four kinds of mails that may be received at a typical medical office.

Module 2: Foundations of Medical Administration

1. Patient Medical Bills: These are mailed directly to a patient’s address and typically include the itemized cost of services provided as well as any applicable taxes or insurance payments. These bills may include details on financial assistance or payment options, if necessary.
2. Referral letters from other healthcare providers: These letters are sent out by healthcare professionals, like specialists, to update on the care they have received and request permission from their primary care doctor before proceeding with any treatment.
3. Medication Orders: These mails usually come directly from pharmacies and contain orders for prescribed medications that need to be filled in order for a patient’s treatment plan to be completed successfully.
4. Third-party Vendors Deliver Packages of Medical Supplies. This mail contains equipment and office furniture that are essential for the proper functioning of a healthcare environment.

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