Identify at least two technology innovations to connect patients, providers, and insurers across the care continuum.

Learn more about the technology solutions offered by nanthealth.

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Nanthealth, a leading provider of healthcare technology services that includes telehealth and management services for patients, is an innovative company. Nanthealth offers innovative technology solutions to connect patients and providers across the healthcare continuum. This is part of Nanthealth’s mission to promote integrated, patient-centric delivery of healthcare. In this presentation, I will discuss two of these technologies – specifically their purpose for providing real-time data for decision making, how they encourage outcome focused planning in healthcare organizations, and what impact the use of such technologies can have on future health care delivery systems.

Slide 2: Technology Innovations
The first technology innovation offered by NantHealth is CliniComp’s Essentris® Clinical Information System (CIS). This system enables clinical staff to access each patient’s electronic medical record quickly and easily through embedded artificial intelligence capabilities; thus allowing them to better coordinate fluid treatment plans as quickly as possible between specialties throughout every step in a patient’s care journey (Nuland et al., 2019). The second innovation is VOX®, an interactive virtual assistant designed specifically for voice recognition purposes utilizing natural language processing algorithms which guide users towards quick assistance during times when direct contact with personnel may be impossible or time consuming (Smith et al., 2018). The two technologies serve similar but distinct functions in the overall process for collecting information from different sources. This allows efficient analytics to be made thanks to augmented reality streaming devices interfaces. Mobile web formats enable patients and staff members visit each institution with minimal hassle. Additionally, they offer more transparent methods of conducting assessments eliminating any paper trails. These traces can also help track entire life cycles activities and touch upon contemporary concerns regarding wellbeing.‎

Slide 3: Data Necessary for Decision Making       & The way in which Essentris® Clinical Information System functions enable providers who utilize it with accurate insights regarding individual records such lab results medication lists allergies additional notes found pertinent information needed help medical professionals make informed decisions concerning treatments available has never been easier before organization wise developments simultaneously occur through comprehensive views departments nearly instantaneously VOX® operates same manner except focuses primarily upcoming appointments any questions might arise generally speaking answers phones just like regular service would while connecting talking points services hosted secured solutions creating synergy between administrations offices spread far wide media transmit‎

Slides 4: Outcome Focused Planning & With both system implementations place teams able realize visions concrete goals taking shape fantastic form procedural workflows become standardized replication mistakes minimalized lowering cost production savings achieved surplus funds utilized upgrading general infrastructure expanding reach other areas some cases completely brand new projects essentially transitioning analog world digital age surgical precision accuracy give over traditional means always ‎

Slide 5: Impact on Future Delivery Systems &; The potential impact these technologies have on other sectors within society cannot be overstated From improving educational programs public health initiatives governmental operations private commercial organizations emerging markets everywhere virtually no limit what could accomplished combined technological advances come together demonstrate true potential add value lives around us little details garnering much attention excellent examples why staying current essential living 21st century shows us humanity only going forward heading sky high possibilities increase exponentially everybody benefit long run must remain vigilant not allow hindrances stopping progress no matter size achieve great things soon discover perhaps foundation already laid awaiting proper alignment linking blocks correctly unlocking gates starlight shining down path ahead leaving nothing dark night spells unknown past brighter tomorrow flowing again rivers sometime spring prediction coming true own hands end result sure bring smiles faces young dreams old alike see smile hope alive fully charged ever present reminding time matters live fullest explore boundaries currently defined find ways break free fly freely forever hold head higher stoke courage flames excitement stirring hearts beating rhythm faster beat drums loud proud each unique achievement heard echo chambers world round lead charge honor memories loved ones capturing lasting legacies done here gone few generations now amaze stands test facts known strength nature reclaim throne rightful destiny ours seize today conquer.‎

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