Identify and explain the potential employee needs that can lead to improved organizational effectiveness.


  • In the southeast division of a large supermarket chain, introduce the problems of low sales and poor customer service.
  • These problems can be solved by training and development.
  • Describe the key points of your presentation.

Evaluation of Organizational Competitivity

  • Explain that to develop an effective organizational development strategy, it is important to assess the organization’s competitiveness over the next ten years.
  • Highlight the differences between this supermarket chain and its rivals in sales, customer service, retention, and satisfaction.
  • Discuss potential external factors that may impact the organization’s competitiveness.

How to identify potential gaps in organizational effectiveness

  • Consider how high turnover, low customer satisfaction and sales are all indicators of organizational inequalities.
  • Explain why staffing could be contributing to the gaps.

Identification of Employee Needs

  • Explain that it is essential to identify employee needs in order for an organization development strategy that will lead to greater organizational effectiveness.
  • Draw attention to the most pressing issues facing employees at the three locations.
  • Describe how surveys, focus group discussions, interviews can help identify employee needs.

Organizational Development Strategy

  • Create a strategy for organizational growth that meets the needs of both the employees and the organization.
  • Describe how this strategy will improve your organization’s effectiveness.

Formal education

  • Explain how formal education programs can help employees acquire new skills and knowledge that can help improve their performance and contribute to the organization’s competitiveness.
  • Give us an example of an education program you can implement in your stores. Explain how this will improve the organization’s effectiveness.

Learning on-the job

  • Explain how employees can learn new skills and knowledge through on-the job training.
  • Give an example of an organization-wide training program you can implement in your stores. Explain how this will improve organizational efficiency.

Assignments Special

  • Explain to employees how they can be given special tasks that allow them to learn new skills and take on new challenges.
  • Give an example of a program for special assignments that could be used in stores, and describe how this will improve organizational efficiency.

Mentorship Model

  • Explain to employees how mentorship can be used to help them learn from their more senior colleagues, gain insight into their jobs and improve the company.
  • Give an example of how a mentorship program can be used in the store and describe how it leads to greater organizational effectiveness.


  • Veuillez explain how coaching can be used to improve employee performance and help them develop new skills.
  • Give an example of how a coaching program can be used in stores. Explain why it is beneficial for the organization.

Career Planning and Development

  • Discuss the benefits of career planning and developmental programs for employees.
  • Give an example to show how you can implement a career plan and development program in your store. Also, explain why this will improve organizational efficiency.

Employer Career Development: Organizational Best Practices

  • Refer to how job rotation and job shadowing can be used by employees to help them develop their career within an organization.
  • Give an example of an organization practice you can use in your store and describe how it leads to greater organizational effectiveness.
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