Identify and describe three major brands with high levels of congruency and three brands with low levels of congruency.

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Congruency is the degree to which a brand’s marketing initiatives, messages, and visuals align with its core values. Brands with high levels of congruency are typically viewed as more trustworthy and reliable because customers can easily identify the company’s purpose and goals from their communications; three examples of this include Apple, Nike, and Starbucks. These brands all have strong brand identities thanks to carefully designed messaging that emphasizes their core philosophies, such as innovation (Apple), empowerment (Nike), and community (Starbucks).

On the other hand, there are also many companies whose campaigns fail to connect back to what they stand for in any meaningful way – creating dissonance between their product/service offerings and their intended message; some examples of this include McDonald’s, Walmart, and Burger King. Despite having recognizable logos/slogans associated with them – these brands often lack a clear sense of identity due to inconsistent branding efforts across various channels. It can cause confusion for customers, who might not be able determine the difference between each product.

Businesses must ensure consistency in their messaging so customers have a consistent experience with all of them. This will help to build trust and make it easier for customers to differentiate between companies.

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