Identify and describe an example of an internal force for change. In your opinion, what are the biggest challenges of being in the role of an OD Consultant at Red Carpet? 

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Resistance to organizational or cultural norms is an example of an inner force that can cause change. Employees who refuse to follow established rules and regulations can be an example of this type of force. If a company implements a policy that requires staff members to be on-time but they are late, it could cause frustration and disrupt the work environment.

Red Carpet’s OD Consultants face one of their greatest challenges: Overcoming resistance when trying to make organizational changes. People are sometimes resistant to change simply because they have to step outside of their comfort zones and do something new. This could prove difficult for some people, even though it may be beneficial for all. Consultants will need to keep everyone engaged throughout the process, so they can ensure that all parties remain committed and continue working towards successful implementation.

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