Identify a specific public health issue that you believe needs to be highlighted more in health policy and discuss how social media can be used as a health promotion tool to improve public awareness on the selected healthcare issue.

Week 2 healthcarepolicy | Nursing homework help

My belief is that mental health should be a priority in public policy. Social stigmatization of mental illness often leads to people suffering in silence from shame and embarrassment. This has caused an increase in suicide and overdose deaths, which highlights the need to reform healthcare policy.

This issue can be raised through social media, which allows people to share their experiences with other individuals who are struggling. Campaigns such as #MentalHealthMatters, which are creative and aimed at spreading the awareness that mental illness is a real condition that requires understanding instead of judgment, can be a powerful tool to help reduce stigmatization.
Moreover, social media can also be used to educate people about preventative measures and available resources for those suffering from mental illness, allowing them access to timely support when needed.ens’ health.

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