Identify a situation or circumstance in your practice setting where a concept from a healthcare theory is manifested.

Identify an event or situation. Ladytaylor Ph.D

In my practice setting, the concept of self-efficacy, as proposed by Bandura’s social cognitive theory, is often manifested. Self-efficacy is an individual’s belief in their own ability to succeed or achieve a goal and it plays a key role in how people interact with their environment. This concept is evident in my work with chronic diseases such as hypertension and diabetes. Many suffer from low confidence or difficulties in managing their conditions on their own.

In order to address this problem, I provide resources and support for these patients. Additionally, I educate them about why specific treatments are important in order to improve their self-efficacy. My patients have found this method to be very successful. They feel empowered and more confident taking responsibility for their own healthcare, which allows them to manage their medical conditions better. This demonstrates that concepts of social cognitive theory can be used in real-world settings, which leads to better health outcomes.

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