Identify a method of budgeting and differentiate its merits and deficiencies. Discuss how you would defend your security department’s budget to upper management. 

Security Program Evaluation | Evaluation of Security Programs | American Military University

Zero-Based Budgeting (ZBB), a method that allows budgeting to be done from scratch, is an option. This allows you to start a new budget every year and not just modify an existing one. This gives you more flexibility when allocating resources, and allows you to make spending decisions based on your current business needs rather than previous practices.

This approach has a key advantage: it can help you identify cost-saving opportunities by eliminating unnecessary or redundant activities, while maintaining your optimal performance. Managers are encouraged to use their creativity to come up with new ideas that can improve efficiency and effectiveness within the company.

ZBB is a time-consuming and meticulously planned process that requires considerable effort. Some companies may find this difficult. Management teams often lack clarity about how budgets should evaluate or be approved, making it hard to hold them accountable for not meeting targets.

To defend my security department’s budget I would start by presenting clear evidence demonstrating the value that our services provide for the company such as improved compliance with regulations; reduced risk of cyber attacks; and protection against potential fraud amongst others. In addition, investing in security measures that are more effective now can save you money later on due to lower costs associated with costly lawsuits or data breaches. This would allow upper management to better understand why the security department requires adequate funding.

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