identify 1 assumption of the theory and discuss how the care rendered for this patient by an advanced practice nurse would be structured (assessment, diagnosis, planning, intervention, evaluation) according to the theory.

Betty Neuman’s Theory of Systems is a comprehensive theory that considers a person as a dynamic system that constantly interacts with various internal and external stressors. The Neuman Systems Model holds that there are three types of stressors: intrapersonal, interpersonal and extrapersonal. Interpersonal stressors are stressors that arise from outside sources such as social or family relationships. Intrapersonal stressors can refer to internal stressors such as psychological or physiological stressors. External stressors, like economic and political stressors, are often related to personal stress.

A nurse who is certified in advanced practice would provide care for Mr. Reynolds according to the Neuman Systems Model. His medical history would be gathered, along with any past or current ailments, surgeries and medication. The nurse will also gather details about the patient’s personal and work history. A diagnosis will be made based upon the presence of extrapersonal, interpersonal and intrapersonal stressors. Next, we need to plan for the best interventions to help Reynolds manage his stressors. His general health, anxiety reduction, and overall well-being would all be the goals of his interventions.

Two specific examples of interventions that could be included in Mr. Reynolds’ care plan are as follows:

  1. Encourage social support. Mr. Reynolds may feel isolated from his spouse and is distant from his family. He may be able to connect with fellow patients or join support groups. They would encourage him to build new friendships and make him feel less alone.
  2. Provide psychological support. Mr. Reynolds suffers from schizophrenia and depression. The nurse can offer him interventions to reduce anxiety and improve mental health. The nurse could offer him cognitive-behavioral therapies or relaxation techniques. To manage and monitor his conditions, the nurse can also collaborate with his mental health team.

References: Neuman, B. (1995). Neuman system model 2nd edition. Appleton & Lange. Butts, J. B., & Rich, K. L. (2018). Theoretical and philosophical foundations for advanced nursing practice (third ed.). Jones & Bartlett Learning.

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