How your organization should identify and minimize the potential risks regarding professional liability for APNs? 

Advanced Practice Liability and Risk | 610Z

APNs are at risk of professional liability. Organizations need to first analyze their existing procedures and policies to identify areas that may be problematic. APNs must be properly trained in the scope and expectations of their jobs so that they are always aware of what to expect.

Reviewing malpractice cases from other offices can also help you to understand the common problems that may arise in dealing with this matter. It can help you to identify best practices and inform your decision making when it comes time for changes in protocols, documentation or insurance coverage.

Ultimately, the key here is minimizing risk through proper preparation and having a clear understanding of each APN’s role within the organization. These steps will help create a safe environment that allows everyone to feel secure and allow them to pursue their interests without worrying about repercussions if they make mistakes. We can then provide peace of mind to both clients and our staff by knowing that we have taken all reasonable precautions against future liabilities.

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