How would you use collaboration to assist in compliance with a patient?

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Collaboration can help with patient compliance. Let’s look at some ways you can use collaboration to help patients comply.

  1. Participate the patient in the care process: Work with them to develop a plan of care that suits their preferences and needs. This will increase the patient’s sense of ownership and control over their care. It may also lead to greater compliance.
  2. Involve the patient’s support system: Collaborate with the patient’s family, friends, and other healthcare providers to create a supportive network around the patient. These can be used to increase compliance as well as provide practical and emotional support for the patient.
  3. Address the patient’s concerns: Collaborate with the patient to identify any concerns or barriers to compliance, such as fear of side effects or difficulty understanding medication instructions. These concerns are important to address and help prevent problems in the future.
  4. Motivating interviewing: Work with your patient to discover their motivations to comply and any resistance. Motivational interviewing techniques can help to increase the patient’s motivation to comply and can improve their overall engagement in their care.

Collaboration can improve patient compliance. It involves the patient being involved in their care and addressing any concerns.

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