How would you propose obtaining the funds needed to keep the company alive and thriving for the next 2 years until you are able to see a return on the product development?

Managerial Finance| BUSI 530 – Managerial Finance | Liberty University

When it comes to obtaining funds for a company to stay afloat, there are various approaches one could take such as: securing debt/equity financing from banks or venture capitalists etc., seeking out investments from family & friends, applying for grants/loans from government agencies etc..

When choosing which route is best though – factors like the amount of capital needed and the timeline for repayment should be taken into consideration. Debt financing might be the best option if you need large amounts of capital quickly. Equity investments, however, may work better if there is a shorter repayment period and a lower amount.

Crowdfunding campaigns are another option worth exploring (e.g. You can also leverage existing assets, such as securities and tradeable securities to make financial bridges without taking too much risk.

Overall then it is evident that each approach has its own unique pros & cons attached – meaning careful thought & preparation will need to go into selecting the right option going forward.

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