How will you manage a patient with eclampsia?

Initial management for eclampsia patients includes maintaining the patient’s airway, breathing and circulation (ABCs), and administering intravenous magnesium succinate to treat seizures. Monitoring the patient closely for signs such as heart rhythm abnormalities or decreased movements should be done.

The patient should be taken to an obstetric or neonatal facility for further management and planning. Delivery can be delayed depending on whether the mother has stabilized and how old the baby is.

Eclampsia can also be managed with blood pressure control, medications like labetalol, hydralazine and monitoring for other complications such as pulmonary edema or renal failure.

Eclampsia management is complex. It requires multidisciplinary teams to manage it. Improving the outcomes of both mother and baby are only possible if prompt management is implemented. You or someone you love should seek immediate medical attention if they are experiencing symptoms or signs of eclampsia.

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