How will you begin to counsel L.W.?

Critique of abortion | Nursing homework help
  1. I will start by offering my support, understanding and concern for her current situation. She can express her feelings and concerns in a safe, non-judgmental setting.
  2. To ensure she gets the best care, I will need information regarding her medical history. This includes any pregnancies or medications.
  3. A woman who is pregnant has three options: continuing to have the baby and caring for it, choosing adoption or continuing with the birth.
  4. I expect her to disclose her values, beliefs and personal preferences.
  5. The nurse’s moral and ethical obligations in this situation include respecting the patient’s autonomy, providing non-judgmental support and care, and maintaining confidentiality.
  6. L.W. will be able to understand my explanation. Abortion is a medical procedure to end a pregnant woman’s life.
  7. Vacuum aspiration, which is performed surgically to empty the uterus of its contents, and medical abortion that involves the use of medications to cause abortion would be explained.
  8. There are some contraindications when using Mifepristone to perform a medical abortion. These include allergies to the medication and certain medical conditions.
  9. She will be advised by me that I have no evidence that an abortion would affect her future ability to become pregnant.
  10. a. “Good question. What do you think about it?”
  11. Although emotions after abortions can be very different from one person to another, there are some universal feelings: sadness, guilt and regret.
  12. L.W. I’ll explain it to her. L.W. will understand that she has the option of adopting the baby. She would continue the pregnancy until it is full term, and then give up the child for adoption to someone who cannot have children.
  13. L.W. I will support her. To be sincere with L.W. and provide support and resources for her communication with him.
  14. L.W. I’ll explain it to her. She should make her decision quickly, as she has more choices. But, ultimately, it’s her choice and she should be able to take her time.
  15. L.W. I will provide L.W. To check in on her, I’ll schedule another appointment and give any information or support she might need.
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