How well does this policy align with the current hand hygiene standards based on the CDC recommendations for hand hygiene in healthcare settings?

Ip – policy implementation and improvement 3-5 pgs (not including | hcm419 | Colorado Technical University

It aligns with current guidelines for hand hygiene in healthcare facilities, based upon the CDC’s recommendations. The policy requires all staff to clean their hands before and after each patient contact, which is consistent with the CDC’s recommendation that healthcare workers should perform thorough hand washing or use an alcohol-based sanitizer to reduce the risk of spreading germs. Additionally, it also mandates that gloves are used when providing care and changed between patients in accordance with the CDC’s guidelines regarding glove use and disposal.

The policy provides staff with ongoing education and training to keep them up-to date on the latest best practices. Because of the speed at which diseases can spread, this is particularly important. These measures show that the policy conforms to current standards established by CDC. They should also be efficient in reducing disease transmission between patients and staff.

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