How well do you know your future role in advance practice?

Forum 300 words in apa format What do you know about your subject?

I think I understand my role as an advanced nursing practitioner. It will require me to provide direct patient care as well as developing and managing treatment plans. This role also involves coordination with other healthcare professionals. To be able to deliver care, I will need knowledge about current medical technology and the ethical standards.

As part of this job, I also understand the importance of administrative duties to help ensure smooth running in the clinic and hospital settings. These include working with staff on billing or ordering supplies and equipment. To be successful in this role, I must have good organizational skills and keep abreast of any relevant news.

Overall though I still have much to learn about this job, I’m confident that this will be a career where I can handle all the tasks. I believe I have the knowledge and experience to be an APN that can provide quality care, while having a positive effect on the lives of my patients.

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