How the Appalachian and Arab heritage view the process of death and explain if there is any similarity in any of them?

Appalachian people. People with arab heritage.

There are some commonalities between the Arab and Appalachian views on death. Both cultures accept death as a part of normal life. This should be treated with respect and reverence. They also both view funerals as an important part of mourning, with a focus on celebrating the deceased’s life rather than dwelling on their passing. Both cultures stress the importance of providing support for those in mourning.

But there are differences. Appalachians might perform closure rituals such as having family members visit their homes, but Arabs hold large gatherings to honor and remember loved ones. They offer prayers, eulogies, memories, and other remembrances. Also, ceremonies are organized in completely different ways. One ceremony may include speeches and songs while the other heavily relies on food music to facilitate healing. In order to ensure the appropriate approaches are taken by different cultures, it is crucial that you stay up-to-date on what’s happening in various areas of the world.

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