How should this communication be handled effectively? What violations occurred during this communication?

Chapter 19 Assignment | Nursing homework

The following steps can be followed to make sure that this communication goes smoothly. It is important that everyone involved in the conversation remains respectful. Everyone should also take turns speaking and listening. This will ensure that each person’s perspective is heard without interruption or judgement. If there are any miscommunications during the conversation it is important to address them openly, honestly, and in a constructive way with each other. This will ensure that you can resolve your issues quickly and effectively. Once an agreement is reached about a topic, or a solution, everyone should acknowledge it.

Violations that occurred during this communication include not respecting one another’s opinions as well as failing to take turns speaking respectfully and allowing for equal time for both sides to explain their points-of-view.. Additionally, there appears to have been some degree of judgment passed against certain suggestions/comments which only further hindered progress towards finding common ground between all parties. Finally, some people may have felt disappointed and frustrated that no consensus was reached.

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