How might the DNP-prepared nurse use the resources of an organization to influence policy, or to affect safety in an organization? 

The influence of the dnps within an organization’s safety, policy and management.

DNP-qualified nurses can leverage the organization’s resources to affect policy and safety in many ways. One way is through evidence-based practice which involves researching best practices from other organizations and then utilizing them as a template for creating new policies that are tailored to meet the specific needs of one’s own organization. It is important to involve all stakeholders, including patients, staff, and community partners, in order for any change to be implemented as desired.

Nurses may be able also to improve safety within their organizations by helping them obtain accreditation from the relevant authorities. This certification can provide both financial incentives as well as assurance that patient care is being performed in accordance with the established standards. Additionally, DNP-prepared nurses can participate in programs that educate employees or enforce safety procedures to decrease errors and other preventable harm. There are many opportunities for DNP-trained nurses to leverage their resources and knowledge within the organization to improve patient outcomes, while also promoting employee well-being.

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